Monday, 29 March 2010

JOE STUMP - Speed Metal Messiah (2004)

Genre: Heavy/Shred Metal
Format: APE + cue + log
Released: 2004
Label: IROND

01. Prelude
02. Speed Metal Messiah
03. The Red Priest
04. Eastern Beast
05. Weapon Of Choice
06. Reflection
07. The Killer Instinct
08. Dragon's Den
09. Unleashing The Fury
10. Retroactivity
11. Psycho Shred Suite 1st Movement
12. Cadneza Diablo
13. Psycho 2nd Movement
14. Chamber Maid

Joe Stump: guitars
James Francis Simpson: bass
Jeff Tortora: drums
Joe Codi: keyboards

"Joe Stump is an American guitarist and composer. His style is similar to Yngwie Malmsteen's neo-classical metal. He released albums with his band, Reign of Terror and also as a solo artist. Stump is a professional shredder, and Guitar One Magazine voted him 6th position among the Top 10 fastest shredders of all time. Joe has taught for many years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston."
Excellent album! Highly recommended! writes in their review of Joe Stump's 2004 CD

"Speed Metal Messiah sees Stump raise his game in every department. The first major apparent improvement is the production of this album - sonically this album is superb with a very clear mix and great separation between the instruments (the album was mixed by Reign Of Terror vocalist Michael Vescera). In addition Joe has really honed his instrumental crafting skills and the sound now is firmly his own. Lastly the actual playing itself has taken several more steps up the ladder (never one thing Stump has been lacking for sure) with the whole guitar work just sounding supremely confident and really going for the jugular with its precision, skill and sheer energy. With Speed Metal Messiah, Joe Stump has delivered the album his previous releases have all hinted at. This release is home to sheer class in every department with enough sonic tapestries to make even the most hardcore guitar nut die with ecstasy, yet enough focus and restraint (where required) to make the album appealing to those not so impressed by instrumental releases."