Friday, 16 September 2011

Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner - Michael Men Project 'Made In Moscow 2005

Format: ape + cue + log
Genre: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Release Date: 2005
Label: Inna Records

Made In Moscow is a studio album by the Michael Men Project, a Russian based hard-rock outfit founded by then Deputy Mayor of Moscow Mikhail Men (a.k.a. Michael Men). The album features two guest vocalists in the form of hard-rock veterans Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/ Trapeze/ Black Sabbath) and Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple / Rainbow/ Yngwie Malmsteen). The album was released in July 2005 on Inna Records.


Men had first met Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner when the pair performed with the Hughes Turner Project in Russia. In 2004 while attempting to put together a hard-rock album project he invited them to perform vocals to give the album some ‘star power’. Although the pair had brought the Hughes Turner Project to a close by this time they joined forces again in September 2004 to write lyrics and record vocal parts for Men’s album.

Made In Moscow has a similar, guitar-driven, hard-rock sound to the Hughes Turner Project albums, with both singers trading vocals.

Along with writing the majority of the music for the album and producing it, Men also plays bass. He gathered a large number of native Russian rock musicians to record the rest of the instrumental parts.

Two versions were issued upon release; the first contained just the nine-track CD, while the second included a bonus DVD which featured a ‘Making of’ documentary, with footage taken from the recording process.

The album itself has not been issued outside of Russia and there are currently no plans for it to be released in other countries.